How to draw a Hippo

Let`s learn how to draw a Hippo (but if not reduce, then we call him a hippopotamus).

This animal is poorly studied, but clearly very dangerous. According to Wikipedia, in Africa it represents a much greater danger than Buffalo and even lion. The behavior of Hippo, written there in black and white, shows a strong aggressive character. Remember his giant size and huge scary teeth, which are prized even more than the tusks of the elephant.

What each of us knows about the hippos? They live only in Africa, are mainly aquatic lifestyle, eat only plant food. The name hippopotamus is actually translates as water horse. Even in our time, scientists have not come to a final conclusion, whose relatives are hippos, perhaps even whales.
But let’s move from biological descriptions to our lesson – how to draw a Hippo.

Outline with a pencil the contours of the body:

Hippo pencil outline

Behemoth body is quite elongated, although thick. In this position the croup of the animal will be positioned slightly above the withers. Hippo body drawing

The legs are short and generally small, I think, is relatively less than that of a rhinoceros. Feet of a Hippo have the same structure, as in most animals, we need to show the bends and joints. They end in broad paws with claws like hooves.
Hippo drawing step by step

Now we are going to draw Hippo`s head. It is incredibly big and long! The ears of the animal are small and protruding. A little evil and suspicious eyes stand out on the face as well as nostrils: they are all located on one level, if the face is positioned horizontally. The muzzle is not pointed, like a dog, but not a beak, like a rhinoceros. Rather, it resembles a cow’s face: the upper jaw is much extended to the nose.

Hippo drawing

Well, the Behemoth drawing is ready. Hippo colored drawing

Better we step out of the way and will not interfere with him in our presence: hippos have no reason to be good to people surviving them from their territories.

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