How to draw a Raccoon step by step

Learn how to draw a raccoon.

Raccoon is an animal native to the North America. Long ago it was imported and now inhabits several areas in the Eurasia. Raccoon is omnivorous and mainly feeds on insects and worms. Thanks to its well developed front paws, it easily climbs the trees. This nocturnal (night active) animal inhabits the forests and lives in a hollows. Its size is approximately size of the cat, but raccoon looks stouter.

Since we already got to the description of the appearance, it’s time to start our tutorial how to draw a raccoon.


Step by step drawing of a racoon -1

Begin with pencil sketch: Racoon pencil outline-1

The body is not oval, but rather pear-shaped – with narrow shoulders and large croup. Racoon body drawing

The legs are buried in the long fur, and we see only the feet: Racoon line drawings

The muzzle is very cute, long-nosed with round ears. Racoon step by step drawing totorial

Oh! Just do not forget to draw a large bushy tail! Racoon line diagram

We had a lovely little animal, but it is similar to many animals, such as … panda. But now we will give this figure a clear resemblance to the raccoon: Racoon line drawing 2

I beg you not to be lazy and to draw the wool carefully and in the right direction: Racoon black and white picture

Racoon drawing lesson 2

Racoon line drawings

Refine the shape of the body: Raccoon drawing 1

Draw front and rear legs which are short, conically narrowing to the paws:Step by step raccoon drawing

Front paws of the raccoon are remarkably developed. An animal is able to grasp and hold different things in, so to say, hands – really they resemble human hands – and even wash its food. Raccoon drawing 4

The head is large, with a broad triangular snout and rounded earsThe striped tail is long.

Raccoon picture

Raccoon face is decorated with a black band that looks like sunglasses:

Raccoon drawing

Its muzzle is very cute and everyone likes it.So let’s learn how to draw a raccoon face.

Step by step Raccoon head drawing:

Raccoon face drawing 1

Face shape is almost triangular because of the wide cheeks:

Raccoon face step by step

The ears are rounded-triangular, eyes and nose – are black and shiny:

Raccon head drawing

So here is the portrait of a raccoon:

Portrait of a raccoon

And now as we know how to draw the muzzle, it is time to repeat the main topic – how to draw a raccoon.

Raccoon drawing – tutorial 4

Click the images to enlarge:

Raccoon drawing 7 Raccoon drawing 8
Raccoon drawing 9 Raccoon drawing 11

And here is the result – raccoon picture:

Picture of a Raccoon

I hope that our raccoon drawing lessons helped you much.

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