How to draw a gecko tutorial

How to draw a gecko. Since there are so many different geckos, we start with the one that lives in Australia.

Mils thicktailed gecko drawing lesson

Let’s get started. Having found a good photo, we make a generalized sketch with a pencil.


Hmm, the lizard looks pretty sickly. Mom read me a fairy tale about the Gecko that harassed the kingfisher Koukabarra with his tricks. Frankly speaking, it is hard to believe that such a goner could be so rude

And we will continue more specifically. Draw the body, it is oval, but greatly elongated:

Gecko body drawing

Legs are slender, with tiny strangely splayed fingers:

Gesko drawing step by step

The tail is really thick, it looks even puffed up. Like other lizards, when attacked the tail breaks off easily. But it doesn’t just stay in the predator’s teeth, it also squirms and squeals (due to the air leaving it).

Australian gecko drawing tutorial

The neck is thin, the head is big with huge eyes:

Gecko lizard jotline

The color is brown and black, spotty.

Thicktailed Gecko colored drawing

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