How to draw a squirrel head and face

Let`s learn how to draw a squirrel head and face.

Squirrel belongs to the rodent and its face is very similar to a hamster or a chipmunk – the same cute and comical. If this weren’t photos, I would have thought that they are cartoon images.

First let`s learn how to draw a Squirrel full face.


Although it seems that there is nothing complicated about this picture, we still need to draw a sketch. Be sure to draw construction lines – the axis of symmetry, the lines of the eyes and the ears. Squirrel face sketch.

The face is not so round, and pentagonal:

Form of squirrel head

The eyes are large, but they are located on the sides of the head and look not forward,but in opposite directions.

The bridge of the nose is surprisingly wide. Further, the nose tapering to an end. Under the nose there is a small mouth.
Squirrel full face

Large ears even more visually enhanced by long hairs on the ends – similar to a brush.

Squirrel full face drawing

Now you have learned how to draw a Squirrel full face.

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