How to draw a Rabbit – step by step lesson

Here we are going to learn how to draw a rabbit, but the fact is that there is another animal that is very similar to it – is the hare. So we need to take this into account and try these similar animals not to be confused.

Here are the rabbits: Well, let`s leave hares alone and immediately start to draw a rabbit.

Lesson of drawing of a sitting rabbit

Pencil sketch is quite simple, but we must notice the internal structure of our rabbit:

Rabbit pencil sketch

Start drawing with the torso – aside from legs, it is almost oval:

Draw the torso of a rabbit

Rear jumping legs, although pre-loaded under the belly, are rather large:

Bunny step by step

Front legs are much shorter:

Bunny drawing step by step

Draw a head with ears on the alert:

Rabbit drawing step by step

Add symmetrical ear and the second hind leg. A little shadow will add volume: Rabbit drawing 13

How to draw a Bunny – lesson 2

This bunny is sitting too, so the second lesson will be as a gallery.Click images to enlarge. Bunny drawing Bunny torso drawing
Bunny drawing step by step Bunny drawing for kids

And here is our Bunny drawing:

Bunny drawing

So, it was a lesson of step by step drawing of a sitting rabbit. And what about movements?

Rabbits are able to jump so quickly, but… not so stylish like hare. Therefore, we will draw a rabbit walking step by step.

Rabbit sketch

Now the body of the rabbit is straightened and does not seem oval:

 Walking bunny

The rabbit goes on almost straight legs:

Walking Bunny drawing

The rabbit`s tail is raised like a flag, the head is extended forward:

Bunny picture

I hope, after learning this two lessons , you now know how to draw a Rabbit and can really do it.

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