How to draw a Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Lizard. Of course,the concept of “lizard” is very broad. Today, we are going to draw the usual lizard – Lacerta agilis.

We will discuss the appearance of this lizard while we draw it.


Lizard drawing – top view

Start with scheme of structure:

Lizard scheme of structure

Here it is very important to arrange the legs symmetrically in pairs. Lizard is a very long animal and its spindle-shaped body is never rectified. Both at rest and in motion lizard meanders.

Lizard body and tail drawing

Lizard head has a triangular shape, as is often the reptiles.

Lizard step by step

Thin and rather short legs have five fingers.

Lizard line drawing

Lizard drawing – side view

Lizard drawing step by step

Body is a little plump. Long tail tapering to the end.

Lizard line drawing

Legs strongly bent at the elbows and knees and are not located under the trunk, but the sides of it – it is a feature of reptiles.

Lizard side view

Here is our second picture of the lizard:

Lizard drawing step by step 13

Properly draw eyes, nostrils at end of snout and the mouth slit.

Lizard colored drawing

Lizard drawing – lesson 3

Lizard line scheme

Lizard step by step picturing

Continue to draw step by step:

Lizard phased drawing

How to draw a Lizard

And meet the final Lizard picture:

Lizard drawing 13

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