How to draw a mongoose tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a mongoose.

It should be noted that there are several types of mongoose.


Lesson 1 – how to draw Indian grey Mungo

Kipling described this mongoose under the name of Rikki – Tikki. A mongoose is a small animal resembling a ferret in appearance and in character.

Mongoose pencil sketch

Quite a long torso:

Mongoose step by step

This nimble animal has strong but short legs:

Mongoose drawing lesson

The long tail is covered with long hair, but doesn’t look fluffy.

Mongoose drawing step by step

This lover’s to fight with cobras muzzle looks to match his reputation.

Mungo drawing

And here we have a complete picture of Mungo:

Indian grey Mungo line drawing

Grey Indian Mungo really gray fur, but seems a little speckled.

Grey indian Mungo drawing

Helogale mongoose drawing lesson

When I searched the Internet for photos of mongooses, I really liked this plump and fluffy one. As cute as a cat! And I quickly drew a step by step lesson. And only then I began to look for its name. Helogale – a dwarf mongoose. This cute animal has a body length of 15-20 centimeters. A little more than a mouse!

So, let’s start drawing this tiny mongoose from the diagram.

Dwarf mongoose drawing lesson

Refine the pencil drawing:

Dwarf mongoose pencil drawing

Now we understand how this animal looks like, and we can proceed to the drawing that we are planning.

Step 1. First, of course, we should draw the largest part. Certainly this is the body. But we will not be niggle and will draw the tail too.

Helogale step by step drawing lesson

Step 2. Hind legs drawing:

Halogale mongoose drawing tutorial

Step 3. Front legs:

Howtodraw a halogale

Step 4. The mongoose’s muzzle would be pretty, if not for the skeptical – evil expression.

How to draw a mongoose head and face

Step 5. Well, here we connected our mongoose piece by piece:

Dwarf mongoose line drawing

Step 6. Add cjlors. For example, I paint my pictures with just felt-tip pens.

 Dwarf mongoose colored drawing

Mongoose drawing lesson 3

Mongoose drawing tutorials

This animal is definitely a mongoose, but I could not find exactly what species it belongs to. I hope this will not prevent it from hunting snakes, and will not turn us off drawing it in stages.

how-to-draw-a-mongoose- 014
Mongoose body and taildrawing
how-to-draw-a-mongoose- 016 - копия
Stepby stepmongoose drawing lesson

And here is the outline of our mongoose:

Mongoose line drawing -13

Now let’s try to convey the brown color of the mongoose’s fur.

 Mongoose colored drawing

I hope you got enough lessons to become proficient in drawing mongoose.

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