How to draw head and face of a mongoose

Let`s learn how to draw head and face of a mongoose.

You’ve probably read about the mongoose Rikki-Tikki. And, perhaps, even wanted to draw an illustration to the tale about an animal-superhero. Of course, in order for the character should be expressive, we should catch his eye. On the Internet pictures of the mongoose show us that pretty face – natural kitty.

Mongoose face – front view drawing

For us it is an opportunity to learn how to draw animal face step by step.

Sketch a pencil outline:


Be sure to draw the middle line of symmetry and the line of the eyes perpendicular to it.

Draw the eyes and nostrils keeping the symmetry.

Mongoose head step by step

Draw oval face and round ears:

Mongoose face line drawing

Draw the shadows:

Mongoose face drawing

What an adorable face!

But I must say that mongoose are relatives of ferrets and weasels. And this family is famous for the fact that they are the most ruthless predators and murderers among all animals.

Mongoose face drawing – lesson 2

And here is a picture of a mongoose with open jaws.

Mongoose head drawing

Draw step by step:

Mongoose head step by step drawing Mongoose full face drawing
Mongoose opened laws drawing Mongoose head and face drawing

And here is a picture – Rikki-Tikki with open mouth:

Mongoose head and face drawing



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