How to draw a Pony Horse tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Pony. But we will not draw a cartoon character, who generally does not resemble pony. Real pony look like this!

We will learn to draw such wonderful little horses. I loved prancing white pony in the photos. Now we will draw this fine pony.

Pony drawing – lesson 1

Pencil sketch:

Pony pencil sketch

Horse pony has a strong relatively short torso. The croup is rounded, the back is arched downward.

Pony phased drawing

The legs have the same structure as that of the big horses, but shortened.

hind legs drawingPony

Hooves seem to be quite a toy.

Pony step by step

A characteristic features of the pony are broad, powerful neck and large head.

Pony drawing 13

Draw a waving mane and long thick tail ,and your pony will be just fabulous . You will not need a toon with such a beautiful horse.

Pony drawing


The shadows will accentuate its perfect figure.

Pony drawing

We learned how to draw a running pony. But they do not run all time long, need to rest standing still.

Realistic Pony drawing – lesson 2

Standing Pony drawing

The sequence of drawing is the same as that in the first lesson. So I will not repeat the explanations.

Pony outline Pony drawind -step 2
Pony drawing -step 3 Pony drawing -step 4

And here is the final Pony drwing:

Pony drawing

I hope you liked to draw these realistic ponies.

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