How to draw pug head and face tutorial

How to draw pug head and face.

As a child I didn’t see dogs with short muzzles, and when I first met a pug, I thought: God, the dog from birth, you see, grew up snuggling up against the window glass. Subsequently, pugs and Pekingese began to meet often and I got used to and even appreciated their character. But even now I am making an effort to convince myself that their faces are okay.

But let’s move on to the lesson of the pug muzzle drawing.

Inavoidable pencil sketch. When you mark the sketch of the face, follow the symmetry. Be sure to draw the middle line (the line of the nose). Ears, eyes, cheeks, as you understand, should be drawn symmetrically and I advise you to draw the corresponding lines of construction.

Outline the contour of the face. And just draw the lower jaw.

Pug head drawing

Add ears:

Pug head drawing lesson

Widely spaced round eyes and the nose located almost between them.

Pug head drawing tutorial

Well, we painted facial features and got just a lop-eared puppy. Now we will decorate his face with countless wrinkles.

Pug face drawing

Oh, yes, for the sake of beauty, we put a shoe polish on the face – and here is the Pug in all its glory!

Pug head and face drawing

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