Learn how to draw a Giraffe

Let’s learn how to draw a giraffe. Everyone knows that this is an unusual animal, the tallest creature on earth.

The giraffe lives in Africa and eats leaves from the trees. Its heart is huge, to ensure the blood flow in the neck to the head, and long limbs. Giraffe is very strong and is able to develop a high speed over short distances, but prefers to walk solemnly among the tall grass and trees, scattered here and there in the savannah.

While I was preparing the pictures for the article “Giraffe coloring pages“, I depicted a great variety of giraffesa whole herd! – and really learned to draw them. And I suggest you step by step drawing tutorial – Giraffe with bent neck – you know that giraffes don’t always go bolt upright, but due to the high growth they often have to bend down.
Let`s make a pencil sketch, draw a diagram of the structure and locations of the bends of the feet:

Giraffe pencil sketch

Start drawing with the most large part – torso. Giraffe torso looks very short, when compared with any other animal body. But it is as muscular, as you can imagine, with the broadest and strongest breasts, and muscles even protrudea little ahead. The base of the neck (with a hump on it) is very wide and strong. Giraffe can kill a Lion, it looks clumsy, and in particular cases it is, but there is a certain grace, and moves by allure.

Giraffe gradual drawing

Pay attention to the fact that its front legs are much longer then rare ones. And you see that legs are very strong with muscles.

Giraffe front legs drawing Giraffe rare legs drawing

There is no reason to repeat that Giraffe has got a very long neck:

Giraffe neck drawing

The animal’s head is interesting for its short horns covered with fur, and big eyes with long eyelashes.

Giraffe drawing

So, we drew a giraffe picture, but to solidify our skills, let’s draw the same giraffe, but flip it horizontally:

Giraffe picture 13

And if you still want to know how to learn to draw – a giraffe, for example, -the answer isto draw as much as possible.

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