How to draw a Buffalo tutorials

Let`s learn how to draw a Buffalo. I got interested in them when I read that Mowgli defeated Shere Khan by using a herd of Buffalo.

What animal is this Buffalo? But if you look at Wikipedia, it turns out that many different animals are called so…even Bison! Well, we will draw a bison on the next lesson, and today our hero is an African Buffalo.

This wild cattle produce a particularly strong impression with their huge curved horns. But let’s start to draw with pencil sketching.

Buffalo pencil sketch

The trunk is very massive, almost oval in shape, the back has a small hump. Characteristic bulls skin fold droops on the neck under the breasts:

African Buffalo drawing

Legs are also typical for cattle:

African buffalo hind legs drawing African buffalo legs drawing

And now the fun begins – we’ll draw the head of a Buffalo:

Buffalo head drawing

These amazing horns remind me of girlish hairstyle.

All together Buffalo looks like this:

African buffalo drawing

Let`s color our Buffalo drawing:

Buffalo drawing

But it was only the first of the Buffalo – African, later we will draw another Asian Buffalo.

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