How to draw a Panda tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Panda.

Panda is an amazing and very rare animal. Scientists have long tried to find out whose relative is it. Everyone thought – raccoons. But now the belief dominates that the Panda’s bears. Surprisingly quite unlike other animals with red fur also called pandas. But we’ll leave those fire-Fox for another drawing lesson. And now our topic is the giant Panda bear. Let us first learn how to draw a Panda walking on the ground.

Panda drawing step by step

Make pencil sketch:

Panda pencil sketch

Next, draw as always in the regular sequence.

The torso is very well fed. Pandas are considered carnivores, but, actually, they eat only bamboo, but a lot.

Panda torso drawing

Draw the hind legs – they are thick and short. Gait just like the bears-toed:

Panda drawing step by step

Look at the front paws, the same thing-very clumsy.

Panda drawing lesson

The head of the Panda is also quite like a bear. And not yet painted – panda`s figure absolutely reminiscent of bear.

Panda outline

Draw the characteristic coloring: body and head are white, legs are black. The ears are black and on the eyes spots as sunglasses.

Panda drawing

I urgently adwise you to read:

Panda head and face drawing

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