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How to draw a White Polar Bear

Let`s learn how to draw a white bear. In fact, there are several varieties of polar bears, but today I have prepared for you lessons about drawing most white of them – a polar bear. The polar bear lives in the North and spends a lot of time at sea hunting fish and seals. The

How to draw a Panda tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Panda. Panda is an amazing and very rare animal. Scientists have long tried to find out whose relative is it. Everyone thought – raccoons. But now the belief dominates that the Panda’s bears. Surprisingly quite unlike other animals with red fur also called pandas. But we’ll leave those fire-Fox

Bear drawing lessons

e have already learned how to draw such popular representatives of bears as brown and polar. But in nature there are still many other interesting species of bears. Let’s start with the lesson of drawing the Himalayan bear. How to draw the Himalayan bear step by step The Himalayan bear is almost twice as small