How to draw a White Polar Bear

Let`s learn how to draw a white bear. In fact, there are several varieties of polar bears, but today I have prepared for you lessons about drawing most white of them – a polar bear. The polar bear lives in the North and spends a lot of time at sea hunting fish and seals. The white color helps them camouflage among the snow and iceьфк

It is believed that polar bears are genetically almost the same as brown. They can even interbreed. But to be honest, we must admit – they look very different.

The polar bear is the largest land animal after the elephant. And it’s really true. Once in the Zoological Museum guide suggested us to look at the stuffed polar bear. I have long turned my head and only then realized that I was standing near one of the giant hind legs, and the bear towers over the audience of more than four meters. His head could be seen somewhere near the ceiling. However, I learned how to draw a polar bear not from nature, but from the photo. That’s the easiest way:

How draw a white bear

I highly recommend you learn to draw like that. Open the image of the animal in full screen and try to draw looks like.

Polar Bear drawing step by step tutorial

Start of course with the sketch.

White bear sketch

And in this sketch for us the most important thing now is to grasp the proportions and to show the bends of the feet correctly. Now draw the torso. The polar bear has pear-shaped torso – the shoulders compared to the back part look a bit narrow.

Polar bear torso

The front legs are quite long. Bear,when marching, leans on the whole foot. The feet are also huge.

Polar bear drawing step by step

The hind legs look even more powerful.

White bear drawing

In addition to the color of the polar bear differs from the brown in the structure of the head. Polar bear skull is flat on the top and his ears much smaller. Polar Bear drawing

As the bear is white ,we don’t have to paint it. Draw only shadows.

White polar bear drawing

The second lesson – how to draw a polar bear – will be in a gallery.

Polar Bear drawing – lesson 2

Polar Bear drawing 13

The sequence of drawing is classic – sketch – torso – legs – head. Click images to enlarge.

White bear sketch White bear torso drawing
White bear hind legs drawing White bear step by step
I forgot to say – polar bear`s neck is much longer than other bears. And the head appears proportionally much less. White Polar bear drawing for kids

Here, we learned how to draw a polar bear, and the next time will be the lesson about drawing the little polar bear cub.

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