Learn how to draw a wild ram tutorial

We know wild and domesticated rams. If you want to learn how to draw a ram, first we need to recall the look of this animal.

Wild ram is beautiful and slender and it has large twisted horns.

But we are going to start drawing not with horns, we need a general scheme showing the outline structure of ram`s body.

Drawing a Ram step by step – lesson 1

1 . Here is the pencil sketch. Our first ram stands still.

Pincil drawing of a ramMark a large long body and four slender legs. Powerful sinewy neck and the head crowned with huge spirally twisted horns. Now we understand our future plan of drawing a ram.

2 . The line of the back is almost straight, only withers and croup are slightly prominent. The hind legs are bent in joints.

Ram Drawing

3 . The front legs are strait, hooves are small and graceful. The neck is strong and seems even more powerful becauseof long hair hanging down on ram`s chest.Ram Drawing4 . The head is sligtly turned to us.The face looks triangular, with nostrils on the end of the nose. Eyes are wide apart. Huge horns are curled in rings.

Ram Drawing

One another drawing of a wild ram

1 . This Ram menacingly lowered it`s head and apparently is going to butt. But we still begin to draw not with horns and schema structure. Of course, drawing of the picture begins with the torso.

Step by step drawing of a ram

2 . Add legs – the hind stand together and the front legs are widely spaced, head low tilted. Add legs to ram`s torso

3 . Now it’s time to draw the horns, they are not smooth but ribbed.

Wild Ram drawing

So you now know how to draw a wild ram.

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