How to draw a mole tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a mole. The mole is an insectivorous animal, it belongs to the mole family and it is a relative of a shrew. But the shrew is somewhat similar to a mouse, but about the mole do not say so.

Here are only for interest – take a look at the shrew:

We immediately see that the animal runs well and is successfully oriented in space.

And compare with the mole:

How to draw a Mole

Even if you try to draw in more detail, there is little to add:

Mole pencil drawing

Just black sausage with nose and grabby paws.

Draw the cylindrical body:

Mole drawing step by step

Oh, by the way, I did not mention – the mole has a tail. This tail is a very important sensory organ and helps the mole to move backwards and not lose roads. The head is round, but the proboscis is extended forward. There are practically no eyes (many moles have skin overgrown at all), and there are no outer ears either.

 Mole drawing tutorial

The legs of the mole are very short, but the paws are developed like shovels! Or an excavator bucket.

Mole line drawing

Mole hair is short, velvety and almost always black.

 Mole colored drawing

To put it bluntly, the mole has such an appearance that there is practically nothing to draw step-by-step. Therefore we will draw the second mole quickly.  Mole pencil sketch

Also similar to the caterpillar.

Mole body outline

The eyes are marked, but, alas, they are very small and almost blind.

Mole outline

We will color this mole in black as well.

 Mole colored drawing

Adults have a tendency to draw moles in black glasses and with a cane for children. I have always disapproved of such concoctions, they give the children a wrong idea of reality. Let’s draw animals the way they look in life — realistically.

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