How to draw a Lobster step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Lobster.

If we look at the photo,we immediately thinkyeah it’s the same crayfish! Yes,the similarity is very large,it is understandable – they are close relatives.

The difference between crayfish and lobster is that lobsters live only in the seas, their claws are relatively much larger. And the lobster can be surprisingly huge – up to 4 kilograms, and even once a twenty kilogram lobster was caught. It is even impossible to imagine.

But what I was particularly struck and saddened by, is that any site about lobsters said little about their biology and went straight to cooking. I feel sorry for these giants! God created all equal – all have the right to live and enjoy life. And not to people slaughtered defenseless animals for cooking delicacies. But as long as the lobsters are still alife, let’s draw this crustacean.

Lobster drawing – lesson 1

I will copy the picture with the lobster:

How to draw a Lobster.

Draw the back and head:

Lobster drawing - top view

Jointed abdomen and legs similar to the tail:

Lobster step by step

Draw eight walking legs:


Add a few antennas and front legs with claws:

Lobster line drawing

If it is painted,our lobster picture will look like this: Realistic lobster drawing

Lobster drawing – lesson 2

I will not explain in detail every step because it’s very similar to a lesson about a crayfish. Just click the pictures one by one and learn how to draw a lobster. Pencil sketch of a lobster Draw lobster`s body
Lobster drawing step by step Lobster phased drawing
Now we’ll draw the famous huge claws: Lobster drawing About lobster coloring the scientists say: usually they are dark greenish, brown, sometimes blue. Red the same colour are only… boiled lobster. I don’t want – our lobster is safe and sound! And I’ll paint my lobster so: Lobster colored picture Now you have learned how to draw a lobster. I hope you will be the only draw, and will never hurt these marine animals.a

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