How to draw panda head and face tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw panda head and face.

Do you know of such a beast – Panda? We have recently learned to paint this original bear. Read here: Panda drawing step by step. And today we will learn to draw his portrait.

Panda head drawing – lesson 1

The first picture will depict the face of a Panda in three quarters. I found online a very nice picture and drew it looking at the screen. And you suggest this method: pencil and periodically compare with the original.

But we must start with drawing sketch:

Panda head pencil sketch

Do not forget or neglect drawing construction lines: the middle line, eye line, ear-line. Look at the diagram,which shows how to find location of eyes and ears relative to the nose.

Panda face scheme

Notice that this scheme is also valid for almost any other animal.

Now draw the oval of the face of our Panda. The truth is, the shape of his face rather pentagonal, but also nice looking.

Panda face drawing

Now place correctly the eyes and nose:

Panda eyes and nose drawingNext step: draw the mouth. Notice the head is tilted back and another in three quarters,so it is not so easy to draw.

Panda face drawing lesson

Add round ears, and the head of a cute bear is ready.

Panda face outline

But we drew not the usual brown bear, we need the Panda! Urgently establish the correct make-up on face.

Panda face colored drawing

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