Cuttlefish – step by step drawing tutorial

We continue the theme – Drawing mollusks.

Let`s learn how to draw a Cuttlefish.

I had no idea about the cuttlefish, before I began to draw all the mollusks in a row.So I came across this strange marine animal – Cuttlefish. I learned that cuttlefish are very intelligent -maybe even as whales.Cuttlefish are rather slow,but they have a defense, they release a dye in water and in muddy water run away from the pursuers.It was enough for me to love cuttlefish.
And let’s move on to the drawing lesson. I always stand up for sketching schema before drawing. But the internal structure of the cuttlefish is almost impossible to guess. So we simply outline the contour.

Cuttlefish sketch

And begin with cuttlefish body:

Cuttlefish step by step

Cuttlefish have subcutaneous conically-oval shell larger than the squid`s. The eyes of the cuttlefish are arranged almost the same as humans.
Cuttlefish hands

Cuttlefish ( unlike the octopus) have not eight, but ten tentacles. Usually they are not spread, but closed. And now add the fin in the form of ruffles around the perimeter of the shell. Cuttlefish phased drawing

What a fantastic animal turned out! Let`s color it:

Cuttlefish picture

I almost forgot – in addition to all the wonders the striped cuttlefish are terribly poisonous. One more drawing tutorial? Please, learn: Cuttlefish outline

Cuttlefish body

Cuttlefish fins

And here is a picture of the beautiful cuttlefish:

Cuttlefis picture 2

By the way, in this picture you can see that from the inside of the cuttlefish tentacles are studded with suckers. I hope you have learned -how to draw a Cuttlefish and loved it with all your heart, as me.

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