How to draw a Mouse step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a mouse.

Have you ever seen a mouse? Not a cartoon mouse, but a real alive animal.

I’ve seen several times in the village. When the mouse sits quietly, it picks up feet under itself, and looks like a piece of fur with a tail. And when the mouse passes over it will not follow, it is very fast.

How to draw a Mouse – lesson 1

We will, however, draw the sitting mouse and show its feet. Here is a pencil sketch:

Mouse pencil sketch

In this sketch, the mouse looks convincing,so let’s start to draw. The backrest is curved arc:

How todraw a Mouse

Hind legs are slender,strongly bent and with long clawed fingers:

Mouse drawing step by step

Front legs are shorter,a little like hands:

Mouse step by step drawing lesson

Neck does not stands out, the head is drawn into his shoulders:

Mouse drawing tutorial

The head appears large because of the splayed ears. Add the tail and drawing of the mouse is ready:

How to draw a Mouse.

It is believed that mouse are gray, but it’s not a nice light grey color, it is much darker and brown:

Mouse picture

Mouse drawing lesson 2

Step 1 – pencil sketch:

Sitting mouse pencil sketch

Step 2 -draw the body and long tail of our mouse:

Sitting mouse drawing step by step

Step 3 – mouse face and front legs drawing:

Mouse drawing for kids

Step 4 – add hind legs:

Mouse line drawing

Step 5 -let`s color our Mouse picture:

Mouse colored picture

Well, now you know how to draw a mouse.

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