How to draw a Coyote – step by step tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Coyote. Coyote, which is native to North America, is a relative of the wolf and the fox. It`s name means – God’s dog, the Aztecs called it so.

Coyote inhabits plane territories such as deserts and prairies and rarely visits forests. Like a Raccoon, it is easy to tolerate urbanization and lives sometimes near human settlements.
Coyote is a carnivorous animal; gathering in a flock, coyotes are able to attack a big prey like a deer. Mainly it feeds on little creatures such as rodents, birds, lizards and insects. Coyote does not disdain the carrion and plant-like food like berries. That’s all right about coyote`s ways, but now we should describe its image.

Coyote picture

Coyote drawing – 1

Coyote pencil sketch

We have to admit that coyote resembles cat more than wolf. Its torso is long, and legs are short.

Step by step coyot

When it walks, its rear part looks higher than the front part (croup higher than withers), rear legs are longer and stronger than front ones.

Coyote phased drawing

Coyote step by step drawing

Coyote`s scull is not very big, it is rounded like cat`s scull, but with narrow elongated muzzle and big erected ears.

Coyote drawing 13

Coyote`s tail is big and fluffy.

Coyote picture

Coyote is covered with long and thick fur which is humble colored in grey and brown – color of sand and rocks. There is something mild in its habits – let`s try to express it in our picture.

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