How to draw a Horse tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Horse. As always, the problem arises here that a horse is not just a horse in general, there are many horse breeds and they differ in appearance.

However, we will grow up to such subtleties over time, but for now, really, we will try to learn how to draw a horse of average appearance.

How to draw a standing horse from the side

Horse drawing

I beg you not to give in to the trendy tendency to dismember the torso of the depicted animal into geometric shapes and to think that this gives something. Yes, you can see the similarity with a rectangle and fit an oval and a circle in the middle, but … But at the very first step of the horse, all these geometric constructions will go to ashes. Therefore, look more at the living animal as a whole and try to keep the proportions, rather than cling to formalistic geometry.

Draw the body of the horse. Withers and croup stand up, and in the middle the back sags.

Horse body drawing

Draw the hind legs and also depict the very thing, which makes us understand that this is a horse-male.

Horse drawing in profile

The front legs are very close to each other and the right one shields the left.

Horse drawing tutorial

Draw a strong neck and a big head with a long face.

Realistic horse drawing lesson

We will complete the image of a horse with a mane and tail.

Horse outline

This horse is brown-red in color.

Horse colored drawing

Well, now you know how to realistically draw a horse in profile.

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