Blue Whale drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Blue Whale.

The blue whale is the largest of all currently living animals, it can reach over 30 meters in length. Admire these majestic and beautiful inhabitants of the oceans:

I admire all of them, but the last picture has fascinated me the most, this blue whale is irresistibly handsome. Let’s try to draw it to get a similar portrait.

Of course the first thing we need to draw a sketch with a pencil. Trust me – this is the most important part of the work.

Blue Whale pencil sketch

Now I don`t try to continue quickly, but I check very carefully the proportions and similarity. All is drawn correctly?

Blue Whale drawing 13

The blue whale has a long, slender body — the ratio of the length to the thickness of a body is much larger than other baleen whales. The head occupies about a third of the whole body. The nose is sharp. The blue whale’s breathing hole(nostrils)are located at the back of the head. In front of the blowhole there is the noticeable acute carinate ridge. The dorsal fin of a blue whale is triangular and very small. The pectoral fins are elongated and narrow.

Compared to other minke whales blue whale has the widest lower jaw.The corner of the mouth bends down. Small eyes are located almost above the mouth, close to its corner.

 Blue Whale line drawing

All minke whales have longitudinal bands on the throat. These are skin folds,which help to ingest the large amounts of feed and water. Throat is stretched as the bag.

And now let’s paint a blue whale in blue.

Blue Whale colored pictire

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