How to draw a wolverine animal tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a wolverine animal.

Seeing this pictures I immediately decided to learn to draw Wolverine only from photographs, no attempt to work with nature!

Well. Take a sheet of paper and draw looking at the screen. And not to be mistaken from time to time we need to compare the drawing with the photo.


Wolverine animal drawing lesson -1

Learn how to draw a wolverine

Of course, we need to start with drawing the design diagram of the animal’s body.

Wolverine-animal drawing

Wolverine looks like many animals, such as bear, badger, and even a hyena.

Wolverine step by step

The hind legs are longer than the front and therefore cereals are raised, and the back is usually curved as an arc. Wolverine is a plantigrade animal and has a surprisingly large feet. This is an adaptation to walking on deep snow. Claws large, hooked. Look closely – in order these claws do not interfere on the move the ends of the fingers are raised. The tail is very fluffy – like a broom.

Wolwerine gradual drawing

The neck is powerful, the head is relatively small and roundnose.

Wolverine animal line drawing

Ears are not very big, but some monkey and emphasize a bad facial expression. In the color dark and light spots alternating ,it resembles not so much a Panda,but rather an anteater.

Wolverine-animal drawing

Continue to learn how to draw a Wolverine animal.

Wolverine drawing – 2

As befits the rules of drawing,start with the body – it is large and looks like a hunchback. The tail is not big, but very fluffy.

Wolverine sketch

Legs are strong and muscular.

Wolverine drawing lesson

The claws seem to be protruding.

Wolwerine drawing tutorial

The torso looks rather clumsy as the other plantigrade.

I see that in my sketch I overdid it – the neck is very long. Good thing I noticed and you can fix this error. I suggest you look at your drawing as to the details and the whole as a whole constantly – this will help to notice the error in time.

Wolverine animal line drawing

Let`s color our Wolverine:

Wolverine drawing in colors

Wolverine drawing lesson – 3

With the acceleration of inertia I drew is a third lesson about Wolverine

Wolverine drawing

  1. After studying the previous two lessons, you surely know very well how to draw animals step by step.
  2. Wolverinre pencil sketch
  3. Wolverine drawing lesson-3
  4. Wolverine phased drawing -3
  5. Wolverine contour pattern
  6. Wolverine colored drawing.

Well, now you certainly have learned how to draw a Wolverine animal.

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