How to draw a Sea Horse Fish

Let`s learn how to draw a sea horse.

They look very strange but mostly they have a very similar appearance. As you can see these fish are very similar to a chess figure of a horse only it still has spirally twisted tail.


Sea horse drawing step by step

Let’s find a nice picture online and draw it. But just copying gives little benefit. If we want to learn to draw, we need to complicate our exercises in drawing.For example, let’s deploy our pattern is mirrored relative to the original.

Sea Horse drawing -step 1

Draw a sketch of a sea horse:

Sea horse sketch

Sea horse phased drawing

I can see his tummy is well-fed. Spiral tail curls forward, although it seems that would have to curl back. The entire ridge is lined with spines like thorns.

Sea horse step by step drawing

Seahorse drawing

On the back there is a small fan-shaped fin. The head is long like a horse, but the muzzle is elongated into a proboscis,with which a sea horse and draws small marine animals and plankton.

If you look closely, you can see that the sea horse is all very ridged and bony:

Sea horse drawing

Wikipedia reports that seahorses are slow and live among the seaweed masquerading to their color. It is obvious that this seahorse lives among the yellow-orange algae.

Seahorse drawing 13

Well, for some twenty minutes, we drew the first seahorse.

How to draw a seahorse

But after studying the lesson one will learn very little. We need repetition and reinforcement.

Seahorse drawing – lesson 2

Click images to enlarge:

Seahorse outline Seahorse pencil sketch
Hippocampus drawing Hippocampus drawing step by step

And here is the second picture of a sea horse:

Sea horse line drawing 17

This seahorse is just floating ,we’re gonna paint it in the color of the water:

Sea horse colored drawing

Easy Sea Horse Fish drawing lesson

Sea-horse drawingSea Horse drawing lessonStf Yjrse Fish easy drawing lesson

We drew such an easy seahorse:

SeaHorse Fish outline

If you draw that way even ten drawings, you will surely learn how to draw a sea horse.

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