How to draw a grass snake tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a grass snake. Grass snake is a very common widespread reptile. Although I am an urban resident and I rarely walk on the nature, but I have seen many times living grass snakes. t is clear that the joy of such a meeting is usually overshadowed by the assumption that it is a viper crawling in the grass. Well, we will draw a viper another time, and today we will learn to clearly recognize by signs and draw an ordinary grass snake. So relax – our today’s hero is nonvenomous and non-aggressive.

Grass snake drawing lesson

We will learn how to draw a snake, which creeps directly to the viewer. How do snakes creep? It is clear that they can not slip stretched out on the ground as a straight arrow. Snakes creep like sinusoid waves.

Now we will turn this very sinusoid into a snake. The picture itself is very simple. But it must be realized that the snake not only becomes thinner towards the end of the tail, but also that the head in the foreground will look larger according to the laws of perspective.

Grass snake drawing step by step

Let’s make a linear drawing.

Grass snake outline

Well, we have drawn some generalized image of a snake. Paint it so that the snake become a grass snake. The body is dark, usually without spots or patterns, the belly is much lighter than the back. The most obvious sign are yellow spots on the neck.

Grass snake colored drawing

However, the head of the snake deserves a more detailed approach.

Grass snake head drawing step by step

  1. This snake arched its neck very nice.
  2. How to draw head of a grass snake
  3. Grass snake head outline
  4. Snake head drawing
  5. Scales on the head are large, they form a pattern of shields.
  6. Grass snake head and face drawing
  7. Grass snake head and face colored drawing
  8. Now we know what a grass snake looks like and can draw it reliably. But in real life, I ask you, if you meet the grass snake – not to harm him just because he is defenseless.
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