How to draw a Fox baby tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a fox cub.

Fox baby, like any other cub is similar to the adult animal,but has distinctive features. Usually the young ones have a big head (with short nose), relatively plump body and short legs. When the baby grows up, the legs stretched and looks like a lanky teenager.

First,let`s draw a small Fox cub.

Fox-kid, of course, is very cute, but before you begin drawing, we first have to think about the diagram of the structure of the body, and not about a pretty face or a furry tail.

When we have realized the structure of the body and how to bend the legs, we can begin to draw.The torso is rather short:

Baby-fox step by step

Hind legs are thin, the tail is already fluffy, but not very big.

Fox cub drawing step by step

Draw the front legs:

Baby fox drawing for kids

The head is large with large ears, high forehead and short nose. But the cunning expression on the face is clear to read.

Baby fox drawing

Now we need to color the fox-cub correctly:

Baby fox colored drawing

And another picture of the Fox cub.

Click images one by one to enlarge.

Baby fox pencil sketch Baby fox phased drawing
Fox Cub drawing Fox cub step by step

And here is the line baby fox drawing:

 Baby fox line drawing 13

When you will paint be aware that although the Fox is red, but not the whole. Legs are dark, and the breast and lower part of the face is white.

Fox drawing

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