How to draw a Jackal step-by-step lesson

Continuing the theme – wild animals drawing.

Let us learn how to draw a jackal. There are several kinds of jackals, they are all very similar, and mainly differ in color.

Common, or golden (named so for its coloring), jackal is a canid – relative to the wolf, fox and dog.
It is a native to southern and central Asia and even southern Europe. Golden jackal is very adaptable, like a house fly, it not only easily endures urbanization but even prefer to dwell near human settlements.
So it is – little tricky coward, irritating everyone with its awful voice in the night. Like a fox, jackal is a hero of many myths, where it is introduced as a clever but mainly sneaky craven, and sometimes – miscreant. Only rarely people consider it good, sacred and even holy. After all, it is hard to say whether jackal is good or bad, for it got no mind of a human, and can`t differ good from evil.
Jackal is omnivorous and feeds on little creatures which it is able to catch – birds, carrion, than fruits and the other plant-like food.Jackal artfully steals the eggs from the nests and pieces of prey under the nose of larger predators, such as wolves and tigers.

Common Lackal drawing tutorial

Jackal pencil sketch

Visually jackal is similar to the grey wolf, but it is much smaller and weaker.

Jackal drawing step by step

When compared with the wolf, the Jackal slimmer and its legs are longer

Jackal phased drawing

Its head is lighter than that of the wolf, jackal`s muzzle is narrower and sharper (but not as sharp as that of the fox).

Jackal drawing 13

Jackal`s erected ears are very big. Jackal`s legs are long comparable to the body, hind legs are much longer than the front ones. Fluffy tail is rather big.

Jackal picture

Jackal`s coloring vary, but its name must speak for itself: mainly it is sand colored.

And let’s learn how to draw a black-backed Jackal.I have never seen it in my life, so I use a photo. But since my goal is learning to draw, I don`t want to only copy photos and I try to complicate the task -for example,we can flip the image:
Jackal pencil drawing

Continue drawing as usual – first of all -body:

Black-backed Jackal drawing

Add legs and tail:

Black-backed Lackal step by step

Draw the long-eared head:

Jackal picture 2

The back is really black, as if wearing a blanket:

Jackal colored drawing

And one another lesson: we will learn to draw a running Jackal. To tell the truth, I conducted this lesson in school. We had a theme: how to draw four-legged animal in motion. And I drew the running Jackal on the school Board.

Jackal drawing

For you I’ve done staged photos and edited them so that the pictures look like the usual black lines on a white background.

Jackal sketch

Jackal drawing lesson

Jackal line drawing

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