How to draw a Tuatara tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Tuatara.

Tuatara are reptiles which look very similar to lizards. But scientists have found that this similarity is superficial. Actually, tuatara are the most ancient reptiles and they have some unique features of the structure. The upper jaw of tuatara front has a beak outgrowth. On the outside it is not noticeable,but it is a fact that no other reptile has such a beak.

Also Tuatara is famous for its THIRD EYE! Although, to be honest, some lizards, invertebrates and fishes also have the third eye. But it brought glory only to the tuatara. The third eye is located on the back of the head and looks like a small spot.The eye with retina and the lens is covered with a translucent skin and can only distinguish light and darkness, as well , amazingly, the temperature.

But enough of scientific research, let’s remember that our goal is to learn how to draw a tuatara.

Tuatara drawing – lesson 1

Draw a pencil sketch:

Tuatara pencil sketch

Now draw as if it were an ordinary lizard. Refine the shape of the body:

Tuatara drawing step by step

Tuatara have a good body and very muscular clawed paws:

Tuatara phased drawing

The tail has a typical reptilian shape:

Tuatara step by step

Draw the head. Unfortunately, we will not be able to portray the beak and the third eye.

Tuatara drawing

But we can make the crest of the triangular plates along the ridge.

Tuatara line drawing

Tuatara drawing – lesson 2

I hope you remember that we must begin with the sketch:

Tuatara drawing lesson -2

Draw a strong body and a curved tapered tail:

Tuatara drawing lesson 4

Move on to drawing paws:

Tuatara legs drawing

Along with the body they look so:

Tuatara step by step

Draw the head and spines along the spine and at the nape:

Tuatara picture

And add shadows:

Tuatara colored picture

And one more tuatara picture for you:

Tuatara drawing

Some researchers say that the tuatara almost completely disappeared, while others argue that the population is stable and tuatara is out of danger of extinction. I hope for the best.

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