How to draw a Yak tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a yak.

As you know, the Yak is a Tibetan bovid adapted to live high in the mountains. There are wild and domesticated yaks. Wild yaks live very highly in the mountains and shun people, so for impossible to observe them. We will draw domestic yak. There are many photos of domestic Yak on the Internet.

Well,the sketch is drawn, it is necessary to compare it with the sample. The likeness is convincing,so we go on. Yak has a long body with a noticeable hump at the withers.

Yak body drawing

The legs are relatively short, the tail is very thick and fluffy ,it looks like a broom.

Yak drawing step by step

The Yak is all covered with warm fur, but on the legs and sides of the belly this fur is especially long and forms a fringe.

Yak drawing lesson

The head is large,triangular, topped by long curved horns.

Yak line drawing

Well, the line drawing of the Yak is ready. Now we have to paint it. But I was very lazy and I just turned the picture into a negative.

Yak drawing-13

When I saw that terrible beast, I remembered my childhood. One day we went to the zoo and there’s this shaggy-haired devil rushed mad gallop to us. We ran, and he chased us. Then the adults told us that he wanted us to give him candy or cookies. When good people treated this sweet tooth, he calmed down and even agreed to take us on his back. But I still remember that black monster with disheveled hair and red greedy eyes.

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