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How to draw a realistic Cow

Today we have a new lessons from general themes – cattle drawing. Let`s learn how to draw a cow. Cow is one of the most ordinary and common farm animals, like horse, sheep and pig. Cows were domesticated thousands years ago for the sake of meat milk and partly skin. It is a fact of

How to draw a Bull step by step

We continue the study of the topic “Cattle drawing”. Let`s learn how to draw a Bull. What is the bull?It is a male cow -he-cow. They look similar,but,of course ,there are differences. And it’s not only the external sexual characteristics, but the exterior as a whole. The same animal,but castrated,called“the ox” and harnessed to a

How to draw a Bull head and face

By the way, do you know how to distinguish cows from bulls in the face? I don’t know. If the bull very elite of the breed, it may be possible to guess that this man, judging by the size of the head and violent expression in the eyes. But if just the herd grazes and

How to draw a Zebu Cattle

Let`s learn how to draw a ZeBu. Until recently I had no idea about the existence of such an original cattle – zebu. But I read in the book that in Asia and in Africa the locals ‘breed zebu” and thought it was a mistake, they should say “ze–bra”. And besides, zebras are not domesticated…

How to draw a Buffalo tutorials

Let`s learn how to draw a Buffalo. I got interested in them when I read that Mowgli defeated Shere Khan by using a herd of Buffalo. What animal is this Buffalo? But if you look at Wikipedia, it turns out that many different animals are called so…even Bison! Well, we will draw a bison on

How to draw a Yak tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a yak. As you know, the Yak is a Tibetan bovid adapted to live high in the mountains. There are wild and domesticated yaks. Wild yaks live very highly in the mountains and shun people, so for impossible to observe them. We will draw domestic yak. There are many photos