How to draw a Zebu Cattle

Let`s learn how to draw a ZeBu.

Until recently I had no idea about the existence of such an original cattlezebu. But I read in the book that in Asia and in Africa the locals ‘breed zebu” and thought it was a mistake, they should say “zebra”. And besides, zebras are not domesticatedHowever, the Internet quickly explained to me that the zebu does not have any relation to black-and-white striped horses. Zebu is an extremely authentic looking cattle. And although they say the cow zebu, zebu bull, zebu, however, also have little relationship to the usual cows and Bulls .

And besides zebu it is precisely the sacrosanct Indian cows! From European cows zebu is characterized by a large hump on the neck and skin folds between the front legs.

I got such a strong impression from zebu photos and decided to prepare two lesson how to draw a zebu.

Zebu Bull drawing step by step

Zebu bull drawing

It is inimitable, is not he?

Here is a pencil outline to help and guide us:

Pencil Zeby sketch

The drawing always begins with the biggest part. In zebu thisis body , like most other animals.

Zebu torso drawing

The hind legs look straighter and slimmer than of normal cows:

Zebu torso drawing Zebu hind legs drawing

The front legs to half are very thick, but above the hoofs they are lean.

Zebu legs drawing

The head is quite typical for cattle:

Zebu step by step drawing

And add zebu prominent features – the hump and skin folds on the neck.

Zebu bull drawing

And one more zebu drawing tutorial – learn how to draw a zebu walking. Click images to enlarge.

Zebu outline Zebu torso drawing
Zebu step by step Zebu phased drawing
Outline drawing will be like this:

Zebu drawing 13

But we will draw the shadows and the picture will become voluminous.

Zebu drawing 17

Now I am sure that you have learned how to draw a Zeby very well!

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