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How to Draw a Saiga Antelope

How to draw a Saiga Antelope A saiga is a small antelope with an extremely distinctive face (I hate to say ‘muzzle’). Not an elephant, of course, not even a tapir, but the nose is prominent. So, let’s draw. Let’s start classically, not with interesting details, but with a schematic drawing of the animal’s entire

Learn how to draw a Giraffe

Let’s learn how to draw a giraffe. Everyone knows that this is an unusual animal, the tallest creature on earth. The giraffe lives in Africa and eats leaves from the trees. Its heart is huge, to ensure the blood flow in the neck to the head, and long limbs. Giraffe is very strong and is

How to draw a hyena – step by step tutorials

Let`s learn how to draw a hyena. There are three types of hyena – spotted, striped and brown. They resemble one another by image and their ways of life, but somehow differ. Hyenas got a bad reputation because of its nightlife, the stench and vile voice. Actually hyenas are considered scavengers. But, according to the

How to draw a cheetah step by step

Today’s lesson adds to the series-“Wild African animals drawing”. Let`s learn how to draw a cheetah. The Cheetah is aцw large day–active cat from Africa, known for their ability to develop a high speed in the animal Kingdom. It is not harmful to people, moreover, sometimes they tamed these animals and used them as hounds

How to draw a Rhino (rhinoceros)

Let`s learn how to draw a Rhinoceros – for brevity it is called Rhino. On the earth these huge animals have remained small in number – people violently slaughtered them for the horns growing on their noses. In General, now there are five species of rhinos living in Africa and Asia. I have prepared for

Learn how to draw an Elephant

To the question -how to draw an elephant? – a clear answer cannot be given. Because elephants are different – the Indian and the African. And the position in which they can be drawn can also be different. So now we will have a lot of answers to this one question – how to draw

How to draw a Hippo

Let`s learn how to draw a Hippo (but if not reduce, then we call him a hippopotamus). This animal is poorly studied, but clearly very dangerous. According to Wikipedia, in Africa it represents a much greater danger than Buffalo and even lion. The behavior of Hippo, written there in black and white, shows a strong