Learn how to draw an Elephant

To the question -how to draw an elephant?a clear answer cannot be given. Because elephants are different – the Indian and the African. And the position in which they can be drawn can also be different. So now we will have a lot of answers to this one question – how to draw an elephant. Let’s start with the Indian one. Here are the characteristic features of the Indian elephant: he is less African, spin it round rather than straight, the tusks are usually straight and not very large. The ears are also relatively small and pointed downward.


Indian elephant drawing tutorial -side view

 Indian elephant drawing-

Well, start with the pencil sketch, draw it easy, with no pressure.

Indian elephant pencil sketch

Back has an arc shape. The body looks oval.

Indian elephant-step by step

Draw the front legs, they resemble columns:

Indian elephant

Hind legs slightly shorter, like their ancestors – the mammoths:

Elephant drawing 41

Indian elephants eat not only branches,but the grass and their legs are shorter than the African elephant,and the trunk longer. Indian elephant drawing step by step

The ears small and triangular: Indian elephant picture

Indian Elephant drawing – front view

Elephant Drawing 45

I’m not going to comment on the second lesson how to draw an Indian elephantclick on the pictures in the gallery.

Elephant step by step Indian Elephant body drawing
Elephant - 003 Elephant drawing5 004
Add the head with its trunk and tucks:

Indian Elephant outline

Well, we learned how to draw an Indian elephant and move on to the African.

African Elephant drawing step by step

African Elephant

These elephants can reach 4 meters in height, and their legs are proportionally longer. Unlike Asian , African elephant`s back is either straight or even concave. They have very large ears like umbrellas, which sometimes reach one and a half meters! In addition, their powerful fangs are very long and curved. African elephants evolved from mastodons, not mammoths. Let`s learn how to draw an African Elephant.

African Elephant drawing

Same thingclick on the pictures to enlarge and examine one after the other.

African elephant pencil sketch African elephant step by step drawing
African elephant phased drawing African elephant drawing
Another difference – African elephants don’t have hair and their skin is very wrinkled from birth.

African Elephant picture

Now you know how to draw any elephant, right?

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