How to draw a Starfish (sea star)

Let`s learn how to draw a Starfish. We must honestly admit that this amazing sea animal does not look like a fish. But it really has a star shape.

Starfish looks like five or more ray star. It belongs to the echinoderms and has a hard skeleton. How it manages to move its arms, is a mystery to me. But it does!

Starfish drawing – the view from the back

Starfish drawing step by step

Starfish drawing - 2

On the upper surface starfish has not noticeable organs to spot. Usually we see a bright color or relief of the skeleton.

Starfish drawing

Starfish drawing – bottom view

We don’t usually see the starfishe`s underside, but it is much more interesting.

Starfish drawing -3

Body shape is a common star with arms.

Starfish drawing -7

The mouth is in the middle. The furrows are stretched along the centerline of the arms.

Starfish drawing 9

Sea stars move using a highly original tube feet, which are located in these grooves. On the ends of the legs have suction cups.

Sea star drawing

We drew a starfish and now let`s paint it brightly.

Sea star drawing

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