How to draw a Tiger tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a tiger. Of course, you know that the tiger is the largest and most massive of wild cats. He looks very impressive and is deservedly popular.

I chose this picture for step-by-step drawing:

How to draw a tiger

First, of course, we draw a scheme of the structure, paying special attention to the bends of the legs. Having convinced that the proportions are correct, let us further clarify the pencil sketch.

Tiger pencil outline.

The sketch is ready and we can proceed to the drawing itself. According to the classical canons, we first draw a trunk. The body of the tiger is large, elongated and muscular.

 Tiger body drawing

The tail is long and thin, the hind legs are muscular and slender.

Tiger drawing lesson -13

The front of the tiger’s body is more powerful than the rear. The withers are high, the forelegs are thicker than the hind legs.

Tiger drawing -1

We have already learned how to draw a tiger head. Therefore, we can easily draw a head in profile:

Tiger drawing

Well,we have a large predatory cat, and just to clarify, what kind of cat we have to draw on his skin black stripes typical for a tiger.

Tiger colored drawing

Now, having learned how to draw a tiger, you can, with knowledge, proceed proceed to modeling the tiger out of clay or plasticine.

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