Modeling clay tiger molding step by-step

Let`s learn how to make a tiger out of modeling clay.

I just want to inform you that it is a universal way of modeling any large predatory cats. If you want to sculpt a clay figure, then there is not much difference – tiger, leopard or Jaguar will be virtually identical. After all, we usually distinguish these animals by their colors. But if we can ignore the coloration, so we need to portray the correct form. Therefore, we must find a good reliable posters and they will be models for us.

Here is a plasticine tiger:

Plasticine Tiger

And that is the leopard from clay:

Plasticine leopard

As you can see – almost the same.

Let us sculpt a a generalized image ща tiger step by step.

  1. Plasticine Tiger
  2. Modeling clay Tiger
  3. Clay Tiger step-by-step
  4. Modeling clay tiger
  5. Plasticine Tiger
  6. Give your clay tiger the most expressive pose and it will be a success:

Clay Tiger

Modeling Clay Tiger

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