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How to sculpt a Triceratops out of clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a dinosaur from modeling clay – such as Triceratops. We’re not stingy and will sculpt large craft out of plasticine. This hack will not be difficult – in General, the Triceratops is quite simple in appearance. Large head, large torso and relatively short legs. The Triceratops neck was protected by

How to sculpt a lizard from clay

Let`s learn how to make a lizard from modeling clay. I mean sculpting with children in class with the purpose of development of the hands and skills of modeling. To inspire my children, I made a monitor lizard in the most typical pose – stretches relaxing in the sun push-UP from the ground. Children, of

Modeling clay tiger molding step by-step

Let`s learn how to make a tiger out of modeling clay. I just want to inform you that it is a universal way of modeling any large predatory cats. If you want to sculpt a clay figure, then there is not much difference – tiger, leopard or Jaguar will be virtually identical. After all, we

Clay Rhino and Hippo

How to sculpt a Rhino and a Hippopotamus out of modelling clay. Although we have already studied how to draw rhinos and hippos, we will sculpt these animals not from memory, but having the picture in front of the eyes. I decided to start with modeling Rhino. Clay Rhinoceros step by step When sculpting an

How to sculpt plasticine Fox

Let us sculpt a realistic Fox from clay. Well,I want to say -we will try to give Fox a similarity with a real living animal and not a cartoon character. Why? Because I love all living things. But in fact I’m still forced to use only a toy Fox as a model. At least it’s

How to sculpt a clay squirrel

Let`s learn how to sculpt a clay squirrel. When we want to sculpt realistic images,I usually suggest to have a sample picture. Today, however, I have not only an exemplary picture – I have a pretty realistic three-dimensional model! Rate this approach! Friends! If you want to teach children to love nature and animals ,it

How to sculpt a camel from modeling clay

Let`s learn how to sculpt a camel from modeling clay. I must say – the method is exactly the same as when modeling any four-legged animal. Find a good realistic picture and try to sculpt as it looks like in life.I want to say that it makes no sense to learn how to sculpt cartoon