How to sculpt plasticine Fox

Let us sculpt a realistic Fox from clay. Well,I want to say -we will try to give Fox a similarity with a real living animal and not a cartoon character. Why? Because I love all living things.

But in fact I’m still forced to use only a toy Fox as a model. At least it’s good that the toy is realistic. And we’ll take the big piece of clay to Fox turned out almost life-size.

Very first sculpt the general shape of a quadruped.

Clay fox sculpting step by step

I’m sure you already guessed that on the left is head,right is tail. Now we will extend and the legs and tail and neck with the head.

Plasticine fox

Feel free to extend further.

Clay fox modelling

Look, our craft is already beginning to resemble the Fox. Specify details for even more similarities.


Clay fox head

Plasticine fox head

Now put a sculpture of a Fox on her feet and give her gait a distinctive look – it sneaks.

Modeling clay fox

Now you can sculpt a Fox out of clay yourself.

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