How to draw Huggy Wuggy

huggy wuggy

Learn how to draw Waggy Waggy in 8 steps. If you haven’t tried drawing a blue monster before then this guide will help you draw it with ease. Let’s start drawing Haggy Waggy!

Step number 1 – Draw Huggi Wuggi’s eyes

Draw Huggi Wuggi's eyes

In the centre of our sheet of paper we need to draw two circles. These two circles will be the eyes of Huggy Wuggy. We need to make two highlights and fill in the rest with a black pencil or flourescent. Note on the photo.

Step Number 2 – draw Huggy Wuggy’s mouth

draw Huggy Wuggy's mouthA little lower from the eyes we have to draw a curved line as in the photo, this will be the top of our mouth.

Huggy Wuggy's mouth

Next we need to draw the curved line again like the picture and Huggy Wuggy’s mouth will be ready.

Step number 3 – drawing Huggy Waggy’s lips and teeth

drawing Huggy Waggy's lips and teeth
We need to draw lines inside our mouth that are parallel to the shape of the mouth we drew earlier. After that we can start drawing the teeth. Start with the lower jaw, draw as many teeth as possible of different lengths.

Step 4 – Draw Huggy Wuggy’s head

Draw Huggy Wuggy's headStart drawing the head from the side of the mouth, the head of our character is made of fur, so don’t forget to mimic it. Draw the head as shown in the picture.

Step number 5 – Draw the body of Huggy Waggy

Draw the body of Huggy WaggyNow we have to draw the body, to do this we have to draw two lines and mark the shoulders, have a look at the picture. After that we have to draw two lines and outline the body, in the middle of the body we have to make an arched line to represent the legs.

Step number 6 – drawing the arms of Huggy Wuggy

drawing the arms of Huggy WuggyIn the previous step we left two guide lines for the arms, now we draw the long arms down from them. Note, don’t forget to imitate the fur at the bottom of the arms, note the photo. In the same way you draw the hands.

Step 7 – Draw Huggy Wuggy’s legs

drawing the arms of Huggy Wuggy
Start drawing the legs, the legs should not be too long or short. The size is approximate as double the height of the body. And so draw straight down and zagzags to imitate the fur. After that we have to draw the feet, look at the picture.

Step number 8 – draw the bow of Huggy Wuggy

draw the bow of Huggy Wuggy
In the middle and just below the mouth you draw two loops, one on the left side and one on the right and don’t forget to add the two tails.
Well done drawing Waggy the Huggy, now let’s paint it, Well done! If you liked our guide please share it with your friends.

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