How to draw a Monitor Lizard

Let`s learn how to draw a Monitor Lizard.

The monitor lizard is the closest relative of the Komodo dragon. But still they are different animals and there are some distinction between them. So we’ll give the monitor lizard a separate lesson.


Monitor lizard drawing – side view

Yes, that’s the way we act – we’ll find a beautiful lizard on the Internet and draw it step by step.

Step 1. Pencil sketch:

Monitor lizard pencil sketch

This first step is absolutely mandatory in the beginning. The next steps usually are: torso-legs-head.But their sequence is not strict and can be changed sometimes. But not in the case of the sketch. We definitely need to do this in the beginning.

Now we go on drawing:

Well-fed torso:

Monitor Lizard torso drawing

Short legs with clawed fingers:

Monitor Lizard step by step

By the way, varan is sitting in very typical for lizards pose as if doing push-UPS from the ground. Therefore, front legs are almost straight, and hind ones are bent and wide apart.

A characteristic feature of monitor lizards is a conical head and a long neck with a leathery pouch under the throat.

Monitor Lizard line drawing

How to draw a monitor lizard – the view from the back

Pencil outline:

Monitor Lizard outline

Draw a fusiform body with a long meandering tail:

Varan drawin

This monitor does not violate the traditions and also practices push UPS from the ground:

Varan drawing step by step

Neck extended forward, head down and all this together gives a dark and menacing appearance to our predator.

Varan outline


The monitor coloring differs from Komodo – the color is beige with stripes.

Monitor Lizard colored drawing

Monitor Lizards drawings

Varan drawing

I hope you liked this lesson, how to draw a monitor that it was useful to you.


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