How to draw a sailboat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a sailboat.

When I was little I loved reading adventure novels about pirates. I gladly repeated strange words like BOM Bram the topmast. And I also painted sailboats – brigantines, barkentines … I painted them as I imagined, of course, they looked absolutely incredible. And I myself somehow felt awkward for my unrealistic pictures. Now on the Internet you can easily find images of anything, I, finally, can learn how to draw sailboats correctly.

I really like the book about a girl who was waiting for her beloved to sail on a ship with scarlet sails. So I found a picture with such a sailboat.

Now while forget about romance, we are going to draw diagrams and schemes.

I will not pretend that I am well versed in the rigging of ships, I will mention only the most important details. This is a two-mast vessel. how-to-draw-a-sailboat-028

Pencil out the sails on the back mast. The sails are fixed on the rails – these are the beams across the mast.

Sailboat drawing step by step

The ship sails far from the viewer and therefore the rigging of the front mast is partially obscured.

 Sailboat drawing lesson

When the sketch is ready we can confidently draw a picture.

Sailboat line drawing

Color the sails into scarlet and do not forget to draw a reflection in the water – it will be very beautiful.

Sailboat colored drawing


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