How to draw a sacred scarab beetle

Let`s learn how to draw a sacred scarab beetle. The one whom the ancient Egyptians deified. They considered him to be the embodiment of the dying and resurrecting sun god. Such a non-simple beetle.

Today he does not cause us such awe, but he has the typical appearance of a beetle and, by his example, we will learn how to draw a lamellar beetle.

Here is a pencil sketch – the outline of our future picture:

Scarab pencil sketch

We should always try to start drawing from the largest part. In this case it is pronotum:

Scarab step by step drawing

Next, draw elytra:

Scarab beetle step by step drawing

Dorr-beetles usually have very original headdresses-tools for digging manure.Pay attention to the large eyes and lamellar antennas:

Scarab beetle head drawing

he front paws are also flattened and have denticles along the edge:

Scarab drawing lesson

The other four paws look quite ordinary:

Scarab beetle drawing

Usually scarabs have a black shiny or matte color:

Scarab beetle colored drawing

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