How to draw a wasp step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a wasp.

We all know and are afraid of insects, and not without reason – the wasps sting is very painful. And that the wasps are dangerous, they warn us by their striking coloring – black and yellow stripes. And since this coloring really well helps out, so many other insects with success disguised as a wasp, even some butterflies and bugs. Let us learn to distinguish and draw a wasp.

Wasp drawing – lesson 1

Start with a sketch. Pencil wasp sketch

Draw the body – head, thorax and abdomen of a wasp:

Wasp step by step

Now go to drawing legs. But we must remember that the jointed legs of insects are attached to the lower part of the chest.

Wasp legs drawing

Wasps have six legs:

Wasp legs

And four wings. But these wings are in pairs so tightly pressed against each other, that it seems that they are only two.

Wasp wings drawing

Draw the head of a wasp: large eyes and antennae:

Wasp drawing 13

We have to admit that wasps resemble their relatives of bees and bumblebees. But if we paint a wasp in black and yellow stripes, it immediately becomes recognizable. Wasp drawing

One picture is not enough if you really want to learn how to draw a wasp.

Wasp drawing – top view

Click images of the lesson to enlarge and study them one by one:

Wasp outline Wasp drawing step by step
Wasp legs drawing Wasp coloring
Draw patterns on the body of wasps:

Wasp drawing for kids-

And color it right:

Wasp picture

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