Learn how to draw an Ant

Let`s learn how to draw an Ant.

Ant is one of the most common insects along with fly and mosquito. There are many different species of ants, but the ant is a common ant, which we are accustomed to see everywhere from early spring to late autumn. Ant belongs to the order hymenoptera, like a bee, and, as a bee, it is a social insect.Note that our usual ant, so called working individual, is genderless and infertile. In the depths of the anthill there are ant-males and ant-females, which are winged and slightly differ from the working ants. Today we are going to learn how to draw an ant-worker.

Ant drawing – top view

Of course,we begin with a preliminary outline:

Ant outline

a strange feature of Ant is its sophisticated Breasts. As we have learned, only the insect abdomen consists of many segments, while the head and thorax are solid. But, as you can see on the photos, the breast of an ant looks like it is composite too. Then, the ant has an obvious waist and neck, the narrow isthmus between the head and the thorax and between the thorax and the abdomen. Actually, every adult insects have such isthmuses, but they are almost always invisible under the edge of the chitinous shell.

Ant phased drawing

Triangular head of the ant, with the pair of antennae, eyes and mandibles is very large, and it is often wider than the chest. Ant rounded abdomen, in contrary, is small and short. Legs are long and strong, fitted to run.

Ant drawing step by step

Ants,like other insects, have six legs. The first pair are directed forward, the second intermediate,the third pair directed backward. Ant drawing

Color the antit will be black and shiny:

Ant picture

But I still doubt that you have already learned how to draw an ant, and I suggest you to learn another tutorial.

Ant drawing – side view

Кun the scetch:

Ant outline

Although there are only a few light pencil lines in this picturethis gives an idea of what result we want and will not let us go astray in the process of drawing. Draw an oval abdomen separated from complex chest:

Step by step ant drawing

Add triangular head with eyes like apple seeds and elbow bent antennae:

Step by step Ant

Legs bent like a zigzag:

Ant Drawing 13

And here’s a colorized Ant picture:

Black Ant picture

Well, now I know how to draw an ant and will start to prepare you a lot of pictures for coloring.

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