How to draw a May Bug(cockchafer) tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a may bug.

Have you ever seen a may bug? In my childhood in may these beetles were flying in flocks and eating very hard the foliage from trees. But years have passed and now in spring I meet one or two of them.

Let us learn how to draw such a rare bug.

First draw with a pencil the outlines in general.

May bug

This bug is quite large – up to 3.5 inches. The structure is quite typical for beetles. When viewed from above, appears not so oval, but more rectangular-box-shaped.May bug -cockhafer drawing

The pronotum has the shape of a knight’s shield and very convex. On strongly bent head we see black eyes and antennae with “leaves”. The legs are of usual structure, like all insects: thigh – shin – foot. Front legs pointing forward, the middle pair and the rear-to-back.

May Bug (cockhafer)line drawing

Let’s paint our cockchafer drawing. The color of the beetle is usually brown, but elytra is often waxy, and the beetle appears whitish.

May Bug picture

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