Learn how to draw a bumblebee

Let`s learn how to draw a bumblbee realistically.

Bumblebee is a relative of well-known domesticated bee, and, further, of the wasp and even ant. They all belong to the order of hymenoptera. We can say that bumblebee resembles a flower. (Actually there are several insects of the different orders which resemble bumblebee, they call it mimicry). Bumblebee, like a honeybee and a wasp, is slightly dangerous for it got a sting and ability to bite (accurately saying, to sting with it sting, not with its jaws like a spider). Sting is placed in the rear part if the abdomen of the insect. But its sting is blunt and the ache from the bite is not very strong.

Look at our picture:

the picture of the bumblebee

And now we shall draw this bumblebee step by step.


Let’s start with the sketch -it is the best possible start for any drawing:

Pencil drawing of bumblebee

As we know, the body of the insect consists of three parts: head, chest and abdomen. You see that every part of a bumblebee is wide and so to speak fat and covered with some kind of fur.

Step by step drawing of a bumblebee

There is a pair of big black eyes and a pair of long antennae on the sides of the head of our bumblebee.

Bumblebee drawing

There are three pairs of strong legs which protrude from under its chest (in our picture some of them could be invisible, being covered by wings, but you know that their number is six) and two pairs of almost transparent wings which are covered with special pattern of so called veins. Each wing is almost triangular with rounded outside corners.

Step by step bumblebee drawing

Each hairy leg consists of three visible segments, and the thin ending segment ends with paired claws.

Bumblebee picture

Its color may vary, our one got a brown and red chest and abdomen of black and white. The head of the bumblebee is always black.

So, now you certainly have learned how to draw bumblebee.

The bumblebee, even though it is not domesticated, is our friend, now it is searching for nectar on the flower, so do not disturb it – its business is serious.

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