How to draw a Bird Spider(Tarantula)

Tarantula – pet spider.

The most conspicuous amongst the spiders is tarantula – extremely big tropical spider.

Tarantula does not need a web, but it is too lazy to hunt, so it waits for the prey in the ambush. On the other hand, bodily tarantula is a typical hunter: long and very thick legs, wide strong chest and comparatively small abdomen. We dare not say that this spider is beautiful, but it has certain splendor: immense, strong, often – bright colored, motionless, it looks mighty and majestic.

Tarantula is an outstanding survivor, and sometimes even lives more than 20 years. This spider is very lazy and moves only when necessary. It also happens that it stays motionless for several months. Another interesting fact about the tarantula is that it could be an exotic pet. Connoisseurs breed them in special terrariums, today this pastime is available almost to every citizen. Actually tarantula fails to tame, but its temper is calm by nature, and its poison causes no death to a human, so it is not very dangerous. They say that you mustn`t take this creature in your hands, not only for the reason of the poisoned bite. Whole body of tarantula is covered with tough hair which may cause the sharp itch. Sometimes (when disturbed) tarantula even scratches itself to spread this hair in the air and cause itch to the enemy. But as a fact, big tarantula is quiet and idle, especially domesticated one – because of abundance of food.

Speaking of the tarantula, I mean Mexican redknee tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) beautiful, large spider, which I love.

I have not got such a pet, but Idream about it, and my picture will draw me nearer to my dream. Begin with the scetch: tarantula easy drawing And now we can refine our Tarantula drawing step by step: Tarantula drawing 1
Spider drawing step by step
Step by step tarantula drawing
Tarantula drawing 13
And here’s the final picture of the Tarantula: Bird Spider colored drawing How do you like my drawn pet – spider?

Bird Spider – Top View

First look at the pattern of the Bird Spider from the side of the abdomen:

Bird spider drawing

The sight is rather strange, but note that ALL eight legs are attached to the cephalothorax.The abdomen remains free.

And now we will draw step by step.

Pencil sketch:

 Bird Spider pencil outline

For clarification, I would have to use scientific terminology, and this is not our task. Therefore, just draw in stages.

Bird Spider step by step drawing tutorial
Bird spider drawing lesson
Bird spider drawing in stages
Tarantula-bird spider drawing
Bird Spider legs drawing

And the resulting image:

Bird spider drawing

Awesome bird spider, isn’t it?

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