How to draw a Praying Mantis step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Praying Mantis. This is one of the most bizarre creatures, not only among insects, but among the animal Kingdom in general.

Mantis is not like any one insect and appears as if composed of parts of different insects. There is something ominous in whole its image, so superstitious people of an ancient times called it so: mantis means something like soothsayer.

But if the soothsayer should be formidable in appearance, but modest as a person, our praying mantis is a fierce predator. There are lot of myths about the mantis. But it is true that sometimes female kills the male after the thing is done.
Now it’s time to start our tutorial -how to draw a mantis.

Step by step Praying mantis drawing -1

At the beginning it is necessary to make a pencil sketch:

Mantis Drawing 1

With this scheme we can confidently start to draw:

Praying Mantis step by step 2

European mantis has a large abdomen (especially females), very elongated thorax (chest) and triangular head with large eyes.

The hardest part of the mantis is its legs, which are different not only in size but in their very construction:

Mantis drawing step by step 3

Most of its time praying mantis (being awkward runner) spends in the ambush for the prey: insects of the smaller size. Picture of a Praying Mantis

The insect is colored in camouflage:

Picture of Praying Mantis

Well,we now have drawn creeping insect. Our next lesson is – how to draw a praying mantis in all its glory while hunting.

It looks fantastic!Praying Mantis picture 3

This is the picture of a praying mantis with its wings spread. The insect is in the defensive position. Mantis pretends to be dangerous for his enemies. It’s not just the show: we know that it is able to repel the birds.

Praying Mantis step by step drawing 2

Pencil sketch:

Mantis pencil drawing

Draw the thorax and the head :

Mantis drawing 5

Draw the front paws mantisin structure they resemble the trap and claws at the same time:

Praying Mantis picture 7

And show the open wings: Praying Mantis picture 7

Now you know how to draw a Praying Mantis.

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